The End of My Day/Night

Night is upon us Wisconsinians now at it is 10 p.m. here. My day has ended nicely. I did have company for a few minutes tonight when Nellie Mom came by to check some e-mail out from my compuer but really no company that stayed forever, which was very nice. I know that tomorrow I am going to be busy with cleaning my apartment and rearranging some furniture. I am beginning to feel a yawn come on… “YAWN” Well, this ends my night. Be back tomorrow sometime after I have my place rearranged an if the rearranging works out as planned. Good night. “YAWN” Good night!

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2 thoughts on “The End of My Day/Night”

  1. I feel just like you do when I read swear words in someone’s diary. I’ve seen some very ugly words, and that just ends any interest I might have had in reading it.

  2. *~Kristie~*

    Sounds like a scary movie. I’m watching Meet the Parents,lol. I think if your not ready to meet a man and be searching than take your ad off. But do whatever makes you happy and feel good!


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