A Good Thanksgiving Day

Where Did This Person COme From?

I had Thanksgiving with a neighbor, a friend, this afternoon. He had told me that a friend of his told him how to cook a turkey overnight and we did that, and we COULD NOT eat the turkey because it was spoiled. The way we were told how to cook the turkey had spoiled it because the tempature that was given was not high enough and so overnight, while the turkey was sitting in the oven, it got germs and spoiled. We did not eat the turkey at all because it smelled funny as we were sitting eating our meals from the Salvation Army. We did NOT eat the turkey or even give it a try because of the smell so my friend and I wil not get sickIn fact i am so embarrassed because I have always cooked a turkey at the given temperature of the given turkey and they always turned out fine. I should have KNOWN that 100 degrees tempature did not sound right and it should have been suspicious the minute it was even mentioned but I listened to my friend and my friend listened to this other person he says is a friend. This friend is a BUTCHER??! No way!!! Anyway, we are okay. We did not have a bad Thanksgiving after all. We had a spoiled turkey among us temporarily but it was taken to the dumpster immediately!!!!

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Thanksgiving Did NOT Go All Bad.

I do have to admit that I did not have my family here or I being with them at all but I did have a good day. I am feeling bad that the turkey did not turn out the way I was told to cook it, but I do not feel bad that my day went just fine. I had company and I did not spend the day entirely alone. The weather was beautiful and the sun shone in the sky and the sky had blue in it today. It was a beuatiful crisp day all day long.

Good Night

With my busy day today, I am now tuckered out and ready to go to bed. I know it is not late since it is not a school night, but I am definitely tuckered out. I think I am going to say good night and shut down my computer for the night and come back tomorrow. I will write more tomorrow. I do have to go to bed. YAWN!

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