My Day Today

My Sabbath Day

I spent my Sabbath day at home. Now the sun went down and it is the beginning of a new evening. I slept a little more than usual today but still had time to read, surf the net, and be with Emilee who is sleeping in her house here in the living room. It was quiet all day long except for the occasional passing of another tenant going to their apartment or leaving. One time I heard voices but did not know who was who because I was not really paying attention, and really I do not care who was in the hallway or not. I was safe and happy in my place all day long. NOw my Sabbath is over and I am just a happy woman now. I thought, because I was not at church today, my day seemed slow and rough around the edges, but I survived the day just fine. Now Sabbath is over and I am here writing in my journal

Pajama Day

Because I did not go anywhere special all day long, I stayed in my pajamas all day long. I debated on having a soak or two but decided against it until morning.

Thanksgiving Weekend Is Almost OVer!

I am not upset that Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. I have one more day of the weekend left before I return to school. I am excited, though, to see the weekend come to an end soon.


I do not know what to do now? EEEEK That is NOT good at all! I do not get bored very often on a Saturday. Do you?

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