Not a Lot of Time Now

I will be expecting Catie to be here about 7 p.m. – 10 minutes from now so I wil have more company for a while. My heart is still bothered about what happened yesterday evening and what I had to do to have time with my friends Catie and Richard. My heart still feels an ache of confusion and misunderstanding. I wish it would STOP now and not HAPPEN again! I still do not know what to think because I surely felt like I was beinig pulled in two directions and being stuck in the middle. I cried about it most of the night losing sleep and debating on not getting together with either friend there for a couple of hours while I wrestled to find some sleep. I DID NOT get more than four hours of sleep. I ended up watching Matlock at 4 a.m. this morning and FINALLY fell back to sleep on the futon after crying a little bit. The pizza will be done shortly so I better go for now. Sorry about my entries today being a little upsetting and possibly unsettling…because I am unsettled on my mind. Gotta run for now. Bye until AFTER CATIE LEAVES, ok? Bye…for now

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