Where Did My Weekend Go!

Oh my goodness, my weekend is disappearing so fast and it is now Sunday morning before 11 a.m.. We have snow on the ground and it is still snowing from the sky. It is beautiful out there! I love snow enough to see the prettiness and the white fluff make the world white but NOT along with ICE! That’s icky! Anyway, I spent most of my Sabbath/Saturday sleeping after I got home from church. It was potluck at church yesterday but I did not stay because I just did not feel comfortable doing so this weekend. I got my period! I guess part of my weekend was slept off, huh? LOL I would have been on some yeseterday but as the day closed, I did not feel like doing anything on line or on my computer so I did not turn on my computer. I just did not feel like it. Isn’t that a joke? Nope…I surely did not feel like getting on line at all and that is the first time in a while, too. Oh well…life’s a mystery sometimes.

I can not believe that it is January 5, 2003 already! WOW! Cool!

Author: ksmiley

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