I’m Back Again, LOL / The End of My Day

I had promised I would be back after my 7th Heaven program along with three of my favorite cartoons of the week night variety. Now, even though I am listening/watching the Flinstones on the Cartoon Channel, I am back writing in my journal for the night. I got into my pajamas while watching 7th Heaven and so I am now ready for bed. I will be going to bed soon but too shortly from now. I do not have to go anywhere tomorrow. Anyway, Emilee has her vet coming for a medical check up and yearly shots. Oh how fun it will be tomorrow afternoon, LOL. Emilee does not care for the shots. Hopefully she will show her calmness she has had for the past several months now. Mmaybe it will not be so bad tomorrow. We shall wait and see. LOL

It is a little after 10 p.m. now and bedtime is a short time away now. I have been spending the past several weeks sleeping on the futon in bed form that I have decided to put the futon back to couch form and sleep in my bedroom flr a change. I hope it works, LOL I have my bed made and it is ready for my body to sleep in it. With my bedroom rearranged somewhat, why not give it a shot tonight.,.YES! I am going to force myself to stay in bed all night long no matter how tempting it is to come out to the livingroom to sleep on the couch/futon. It took me fifteen minutes to get it up and into couch form froom being in bed form for weeks. It is GOING to stay that way. Anyway, I start school Monday, January 13th, 2003, and I am going to get my sleeping pattern back now and very soon!

Now it is the end of my day and my day was not too bad. Not much happened today except for the fact that I left my apartment for a few minutes to write a work order for the maintenance man, clean off my bed in the bedroom to sleep on it tonight and I have turned down my bed for the night. Now with my futon being ini couch form, it is a little bit harder to sleep on it. Now I have my bed to sleep on again, YES!

My day is now over. Good night everyone! God bless!

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  1. I have days where I feel like that and can’t shake it off. Like just lying in bed comfortably snuggled in blankets and soft pillows. But, my day is ALWAYS hectic and usually don’t get to take a nap. Hope you have a good one.

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