Today is not at all a bad day. Right now I am at school waiting for time to pass so I can go to class at 1 p.m.. I litterly feel better today. The stuffiness in my nose is gone and I slept fairly well last night. I think I was a little bit restless last night though. I kept waking up to the littlest movement Emilee made or the toilet made. My toilet is kind of broken but able to be used. It wants to run off and on and the maintance man did everything he could to fix it. Who knows what will happen next will be getting a new toilet. At least now the continuous running sounds of the toilet is bearable and tolerable. It does not last as long filling up. Casper is using my toilet very often, LOL.

The weather is chilly and we have snow on the ground and it is getting colder at night now. The cold weather was not very comforting when I was sick and feeling so rotten with this cold, but it is bearable enough now that I can live with it. Being a Wisconsinian, I have no choice. With my health the way it has been, I have no choice to stay in Wisconsin so I can be near my kidney transplant team if something did happen to my kidney, which hasn’t yet, thankfully.

Because of my classes and going to school Monday through Friday, I feel I have only enough time to write in one entry. If I do write more than one I am usually signing off and saying good night to my Dear Diary friends. I just do not feel awake enough to be on my computer at home much after 8 p.m. since I am on a computer a lot at school writing in my journal here, taking notes using the computer’s software, and my keyboarding class at 1 p.m. M – Th. Mondays and Wednesdays I do find myself more tired after classes because I have all three classes, which are: College Reading, Oral Interpersonal Communications, and Keyboarding. I am ready to wind down by dinner time usually.

Before I go, I would like to write about my friend’s 75th birthday. Nana Lea turned 75 yesterday (Jan. 15) and when I got home from school Nana and I planned to get a bite to eat for her birthday. We went to a restaurant called Eagle Inn about 6 p.m.. We got home from dinner about 7:30 and had a piece of birthday cake for desert. The time shared with Nana was fantastic and meaningful. Not everyone reaches their 75th birthday when health is a question. Her health is not all that great. Anyway Nana and I had a good time with each other. We never seem to lose each other’s interests and understandings in our relationship. Who would not spend time with my Nana Lea? Those who do not know her.

It is time for me to go for now. I will try to write again later, if not tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better. I am glad you were able to go to school today. I hope all of your classes went well.

    The weather here is almost unbearable today here as well, it was so cold out this morning that I thought my face was going to freeze.

    Well, I will talk to you later. Have a great day.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    Sorry you have been sick, I hate beein sick! I was sick awhile back and then just about 2 weeks ago I finally got over the cold part of it.

    Good luck with blancing school and getting better. I hope you get a good nights rest soon!


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