I Can Not Believe That Friday Night Is Here!

With the first week of school now out of the way I can not believe that Friday is already here. My week went kind of fast even though the first two days were rough because I did not feel so great with that terrible cold. I do not know why but I am so glad that Friday has finally arrived even though I am yet not sure about Wednesday. We have HUD coming to do some inspections on Wednesday and again we might not. Anyway I? will not be here since I will be at school working hard like I did this week. Tonight I feel a little tired and ready for bed. I had a bath not too long ago and got into my pajamas for the night. The way I felt most of the week, I am not going to go to church in the morning because I do not want to have a relapse now. I worked so hard to get the cold down a bearable minimum and yet I still have a roughness to my voice slightly but I am definitely feeling better and human again, and at least sleeping well at night. Anyway this week has been pretty go0d even with the roughness of the beginning of school. Now my school week has ended with a bang and now I have Monday off of school, and I will be needed the time off. HUD might come and inspect my apartment. No big deal really. At least I do not think so anyway. I just can not believe that it is Friday already. It’s Sabbath!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Yay Friday night an night to have fun!! Actually I didnt really do anything, today is aturday and I’m going to a party with some friends, actually its just a friendly gathering. We (Thomas and I) are going to our friend Mel’s house to watch movies and hang out and stuff. There’s gonna be more people, so its gonna be fun.

    Anyway have a good night! And a good weekend


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