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Here I am…up later than usual, and I am taking the day off of school tomorrow. I had lost practically two nights of sleep since my grandpa’s death. I was not really with it today. At 6 p.m. this evening I noticed that my bidy just would not worj=k for me but against me. My friend Nana had to give me a hand so I could step down off a curb! How embarrassing!! Even though I felt my heart was not in it today, I still had to give it a shot for the day. I get to sleep in tomorrow and Thursday. I miss my grandpa very much even though he was mentally gone for five years. In a way, my grandpa died twice and I grieved twice. I am glad, even though the loss is so great, that grandpa is no longer suffering and is in no pain. I am happy in that sense but the loss is so great right. I miss my grandpa very much.

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