Did it Again!

I did it again! I had to change the look of my diary again. It is now Spring, as I said yesterday, and I felt a little springy last night even though I was tired by the time I changed the look. Anyway, I did it and I do not know when I will change it again – if you know what I mean. i hhave been going through the world of change in my life again the past couple of days. In fact, I wanted to lay in bed all day long and be lazy but that is NOT going to happen today, I begin school again tomorrow after Spring Break as it ended as of Friday afternoon for me by noon anyway. I have the window open in my livingroom now with the Spring fresh air coming in and Emilee is fascinated with the birds outside. Good kitty!! It is not totally quiet at this time thank goodness! School resumes tomorrow, YES! I know that I must be crazy wanting to go to school but I do like going and doing ALL that I am capable of doing and doing my best when times get tough or rough. School is GREAT! Ok, I LOVE school and I AM NOT going to give up now or EVER!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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