I am NOT ashamed to be a WOMAN but I HATE the monthly periods that come with being a woman. This month I do anyway. It began Thursday evening which makes my anxiiety attack that I had all day long more understandable. I had an anxiety attack that went out of control so it controlled me instead of me controlling it. I HATE when that happens! Anyway the worst is over but I still have my dratted period. Thank goodness it is almost done for the month and I do not have to deal with it next week when I will be away for two days burying my Grandpa Clarence up north in Redgranite next to Grandma Fox who died in 1997. I hated the mood I was in for the past couple of days, too. My moods were horrible and depressing. I can get so moody and out of sync with everything with me, about, and for me. I am GLAD school resumes tomorrow after last weeks Spring Break. I actually did quite the opposite of what I was going to do…I did not open one textbook this Spring Break except for today. I got busy and bored at the same time. I even had cabin fever most of the week as well as my dratty period which started on Thursday. Like I said before, I am glad that it is almost over for this month. I had lots of trouble dealing with it this month. That is the tough part of being a woman at times. I even slept on the fouton last night pulled out as a bed because I did not want to sleep in my room and open the bedroom door to go inside. The bed is back into a couch today, though, and it was very easy to pull back into a couch this morning. Right arm and hand must be getting stronger now-a-days. Why in the world did I even write about such a personal thing as my period? I needed to vent today and have been needing to do so since last Sunday after speaking to my sister-in-law and brother — more or less I did not get a word in edgewise with my sister-in-law but she too had the right to vent and I was just the sounding board as well as the person she was not very happy with at the time. I wonder what it will be like when I call my brother in April or May — the next time I call…but since I can only speculate, there is no use putting in my opinion. All I can say is that it was a time for venting everywhere I turned lately. Right now Scooby Doo is on and Tim Conway is special guest star today. Boy, it is only 11 a.m. now! Time is going by terribly slow. I wannt to sleep all day long like I practically did Friday morning. That dratted period!! What a life I am living and boy am I pitying myself today. HORRIBLE! Ok, I vented. Am I happy now? NO! I have to get ready for school… More later…bye!

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