Not Wanting to Do Anything!

Here I go again…that feeling of the heart aching again and I just want to run and hide. The only problem is this…I am already home and my door is locked so I do not have any unexpected visitors, and I had to turn down a visitor earlier. I am not feeling like being around a lot of people this week. Even Monday proved it to be that way. Today, at school, it was not so bad but I did not want to around too many people – just a select few. I did not want to go to my 11 a.m. class, whicj is really not a class for me to worry about. Idid stay at school until 12:15 p.m. or so and while I was going to the bus, my neighbor Bill walked by me and I asked him if he was ok since last night when I did not get an answer at his door after I tried to call on him…so I got a ride home today instead of riding the bus. My moods are shifting real bad and very fast. I want to cry but it won’t come out. The wanting to cry will not stop haunting me this week. Thank goodness I do not have to go to school tomorrow. I think I am falling into a depression. Grandpa Clarence will be buried next Tuesday, thankfully, and the Clarence Fox Memorial is five days away from tomorrow…whew! I am happy and sad at the same time and it is driving me bananas here. I have to survive this…I have gotten this far and I can go farther and all the way. I won’t and can’t give up whatsoever…NEVER!! My mood swings will soon pass!!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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