Time to Change the Clocks

Ok, I did forget, somewhat, that we were to put the clocks ahead onne hour, but when I looked at the Digital cable box it was the correct time, and so here I am changing two watches to the correct time, a grandfather clock, and the clock on the microwave. The only two things I did not change was another watch and the VCR clock. I can change them when I use them, right? Also, I did not have to change the clock on my computer since it automatically does it by itself. My neighbor is gone for the weekend so I have been looking on her cat Oreo and I changed her clocks ahead sometime yesterday so I did not have to fiddle around with them this morning when I checked in on Oreo. I do have to admit that doing this twice a year, spring forward and falling back is kind of ridiculous but since I am in a state that does that, I can not really complain since it is twice a year. I wish I did live in a state that does not change time either forward or back. Oh well. Did I feel I lost an hour of sleep? No, not yet, thankfully. I had awakened at 6:30 a.m. according to my alarm clock but time was not changed yet so I really woke up at 7:30 a.m. to Emilee looking in on me until I looked at her from my bed. She was laying on the hallway rug at the time. She moved in and gave me a nose nug and a good morning meow before I gpt out of bed so I could look in on Oreo while her mom was away for the weekend until Monday sometime. I even took my meds before leaving my apartment for a few minutes to check in Oreo.

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