I am definitely trying at this trying time, that’s for sure. I am really disgusted with some of the tenants here and I do not associate with all of them here. There are few tenants here I did not know lived here because they do mind their own business here. I know I have told people many times that I will only leave here and come back without talking to the nos-its who do live here as there is always going to be a nos-it or two or three. I am vowing to come and go from this place and not at all associate with the tenants in here except for a few but as the christian I am to portray, I can not do that. I just will not engage with some of them any longer. Yes, it has gotten pretty bad here for my friend here and because I AM his friend, the tenants causing havoc for my friend are snubbing me. I do not want to portray that kind of person even though I have. I will say hello to tenants from now on BUT WILL NOT engage in conversation with the tenants any longer. I have even put a friendship in the Lord’s hands already and that was a tough one to think about as I was hotheaded about what that tenant said about my friend. I will only engage in conversation with the outside management and the manager, my male friend, RH, and friends outside the building. I am going to work on not being a snubber here. If I have to get up to go to school, go to school and back, and lock myself up in my apartment with just me and Emilee, it will be done. My associaton with people here is going to go down to only three people here and three outsude this building if NEED BE!! I know you are right in regards to it blowing over but in the meantime it is taking my friend’s strength and survival right out of him.

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