That Downward Spiral

I can care less about the trouble makers I have met throughout the years. If they want to lie and deceive people, I know that God knows all even though the wool has been pulled over many eyes, but NEVER will the wool be pulled over God’s eyes. He knows, sees, and hears all. What ever happens to the trouble makers in this world, justice will be done right by God even if and when the justice system of this world fails. I am definitely venting still – past the wanting to cry stage but of anger that has been fueled in my mind and body. I have the d*** right to vent anytime I want. No one is going to harass or bother me after yesterday’s knowledge the manager resigning from her position at the end of the month. I will come and go from my place as I have always except for the fact I will not talk to the tenants in long engaged conversations from yesterday forward. I am indeed happy for the manager as she is going to be seventy years old in May and her health is in need of repair and in need of constant prayer on a regular basis. REB’s health as well of course. I can manage well on my own even though the manager who is leaving the end of May. It is probably for the best anyway. I can get through anything in time and prayer. I am just angry at the people who seek trouble for people – friends or not. I am a kind person and that’ll never change of course, but I do need to change my choice of friends from this day forward. Still in prayer regarding Nana and our relationship, I have to tread on careful waters from now on. I still have mixed feelings about some things in this mind of mine though. I does seem scary of course, but the scary part will too pass. Life is definitely a bowl of ripe cherries all the time…that’s for sure! Boy, IS MY HEART feeling heavy right now and definitely beating strangely. I do not want to even leave my apartment at all this weekend but I do have an obligation to do while a neighbor is gone for the weekend. I am looking in on Oreo the cat again. That’ll help. I just do not want to see anyone anywhere while in the halls or downstairs in the lobby mail room. This place has eyes, ears, a nose, and it breathes an evil breath. Satan is definitely here everyday. I feel sorry for the tenants, too because…can’t really find the right words right now…???? Again, more later…

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