Can’t Wait For Tomorrow To Come

Here I am, home alone today. Two wonderful things happened today so far. I had gotten a call from my SIL and family today after calling and leaving a message for them to wish them a happy day – Easter. Then I got a call from my pastor’s wife JS and we talked a while. Plans for the day have been put on hold because my neighbor is not feeling well so he was out of commission for the day so I am spending the day alone in my apartment while families around go be with their families. I wish I was either in Arkansas or Pennsylvania with family. Oh yeah, my Aunt D from Gays Mills called and wished me a happy day as well so really I and three wonderful tnings happen so far. So my day has not been a total disappointment thankfully. It is icky outside yet as I was hoping to go for a walk this afternoon but who wants to go outside into a grayness that is depressing.

I can not wait for tomorrow to come as I have a doctor’s appointmentn to find the right medication for my anxiety and depression that seems to hang on and not let me go. My appoitment at 3 p.m. is a relief to come. I am sick and tired of how I feel in the down mooments of life. We will see what the appointment will do to help. Honestly. this depression really stinks!

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