A Look At My World RIght Now

I feel a little tired right now but I am up and awake and dressed. I am expecting a package in the mail this afternoon that needs to be signed for. I slept better last night but I did keep getting up to wwatch television in the late hours of tbe morning. Yesterday I was grumpy and my friend KW knew I was not exactly telling the truth. As for the weather, I am not sure if it is going to rain or shine at this time. I wish the weather would make up its mind real soon. Emilee is a little clingy today which is fine. I think that my cleaning lady is coming today but I am not sure since we are questioning the weather right now. As I look at the sky, I do see some blue sky with white clouds but I wonder how long it is going to last, hmmm. I was not sure if and when I was going to be on line or have my computer running. Yesterday afternoon my computer antivirus program found an infected file coming into e-mail and went to the virus vault immediate where I deleted the infected file and now it is gone. I was not worried or anything since I did not open the infected file and in reality I made it so I can not up any attachments anyway. No worries here. Boy, do I ever want to lay down and go to sleep but I won’t waste my day away. I can’t and I won’t. i did not get away from the building yesterday and I do not think I will get away from here today later in the afternoon…yet. I have to wait for my certified letter/package this morning, I am somewhat bored riht now. Booooring! Life is not always fun that’s for sure. A neighbor called on me this morning and we talked for quite a while. Neat lady. I like JL. She’s cool! Anyway, what is with my day today, I am not sure…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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