It is after midnight here right now – a new day has begun at sunset. I have had a good day today. I am feeling better in regards to the ear infection I have been dealing with these days/ I think it is beginning to clear up and I will see at tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment in ten and a half hours. I have been off and on the computer today, having three breaks to eat dinner and shower but honestly I have been playing gin all day long. This is what happens when I am now not in school studying my heart out to perfection! I wish I took some classes this summer but because the classes run at nightm I could not do that since transportation is difficult to find in my case since I do not drive mysellf. I hope my appontment goes well…I do not want to be put on anymore antibiotics!!! I wonder if I caught someone’s cold virus and it went to my ear! Thanks a lot whoever did it! Well, Emilee is telling it is bed time and so I better go for the night. Sorry I have not been writing but i surely have gotten addicted to playing gin lately, lol. HELP! I can NOT be on line all day. It is no fun. Good night…

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