It has been one of those days where I felt groggy all day long and wanted to sleep but I did not allow sleep to take over my aftern9oon so early like every other afternoon I have spent so far since school ended. I know I have no classes for the summer now but I wish I did but then again I would not be able to travel to see family this summer. I am definitely bored and spending way too much time on my computer on line during the day and late evenings. My Nellie Mom already has her views of computers and her concern of me being on my computer all the time – all day long that is. She is my mom at heart that is foor sure. I have company coming tomorrow at 10 a.m. so I can not really sleep in but I should for the night. I have spent odd hours playing Gin at Yahoo…I am addicted and that is NOT good whatsoever. I was on, playing Gin all day the other day. YIKES!

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  1. Sorry you are bored. Maybe you should try to find a hobby, something you enjoy. That way, it will pass the time. I know you have spent time on the computer, but find something new and different to try. You never know, you may find you like something new.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    I didnt get to sleep until almost 1am this morning it was horrible I had such a bad day and this one isnt going any better. I havent slept much. When I did fall asleep I ended up waking up at 5:30am yuck…

    Have a good day and hope you can control your Gin playing! *smiles*


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