I do have to admit that the idea of me being pregnant, according to a few tenants around here where I live is now getting funny. I hate the idea of it but I know the truth as I am not that type or kind of person anyway. The only thing is that this kind of gossip is definitely upsetting my father as he too knows that I am not that kind of person. It makes me sick to know that one of my neighbors, who I thought was trustworthy, is no longer trustworthy and I will not allow her to take care of Emilee again. She, Emilee, really loves my boyfriend Rick and he took care of Emilee for me while I was in Arkansas. Anyway Emilee was very skitterish when this certain neighbor came about and afteer figuring things out, I can not trust this neighbor in any conversation we have anymore because she hangs around the “troublemakers” of this place.

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