I do have to admit that starting the 1st of August with a cold really stinks. What really stinks worse is my friend KAW has what I have too and when she and I chatted this morning she sounded horrible. I felt very badly but she told me she’ll be okay. Feeling sick for the past couple of days have been just plain awful and kind of gross. I am so glad that Dimetapp is working and doing the trick. My nose looks a little raw and red from blowing it like mad.

Even though I felt a little icky – not as bad as I felt yesterday, I went to Riverfront Athletic Club this morning at 10 a.m. to workout for an hour. Despite the perspiration and pushing I did, I fellt real good and thought that it would be best to workout the rest of the cold as much as I could before the weekend. Because I felt icky the past couple of days, I have been resting and taking it easy. That workout felt real GOOD!

I wanted to get together with my friend REB but we both decided, last night, we would get togethher another day.

I have seen some of my boyfriend Rick but the last couple of days it has been mostly by phone because I am not feeling so hot. Right now,, even though I am feeling better now, I had to take Tylenol for headache from sleeping so much because of the sedating affects of Dimetapp. Last night, strangely enough, my head felt like it was about to **pop** as it surely felt strange enough.

Yesterday’s Unwanted Experience Truly

I was not expecting any cmpany but I had heard a knock at my door. I answered it finding it was my neighbor wondering if I was mad at her, which I am not, and I told her just that. Because I was not feeling so good yesterday, I did not want any company really, and I could not tell her if she continued hanging around the troublemakers, I could not associate with her, but realizing that this information would go to the troublemakers, I am going to wait for another time – when I am not so cluttered in the mind. In a way, I feel like I am procastinating but how can I tell my neighbor??

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  1. Britani18 says:

    I do hope you get to feeling better soon. Being sick is never any fun; you can never do anything you want to do. Don’t worry about telling you neighbor right now; wait until you feel better.


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