Errands, Workout, and Chores

At 8:30 this morning, RR picked me up to go do laundry but I had to go get laundry money first so we did that, then the laundry. i went to the RAC to workout for an hour, then RR and I went to Aldi’s to get some groceries…lost of ’em, lol. After I went grocery shopping RR and I came back to my place and p[ut the groceries away, relax, and take care of two bags of trash and three boxes from Aldi’s we used for the groceries. RR paid for my groceries this time as I paid for four meals Saturday evening at Ponderosa. KAW and her husband have their ninth wedding anniversary Wednesday, AUgust 6, and I wanted to give them something for their anniversary early in case we do not meet on that day, which is more likely no. Today has been a good day…even though it is muggy and hot and expected to rain – possible thunderstorm, rrrr! That is why I am on line now and will bathe later since I have not bathed or showered since my good workout this morning. I feel so good physically even though I do feel the muscles tense from working out Friday morning, lol. No pity here! I am glad to have the discomfort of physical exersion at this time really even though I grunt and groan and move like a turtle these moments of movement, lol again! I am planning, for sure this time, to keep the pounds off and the weigjt down anytime and so on. Forget the time I have my period I will work out then too and forget about seeing red for an hour! Ok, I am getting gross here so I better stop now – Kristi smiles.

Now, with RR’s help, with the trash out of the way, the dishes done, the groceries put away, and all my errands done, RR is back at his place resting and I am home witn Emilee for the rest of the evening and night. I enjoy having a manfriend again but I need my space and time too, which is hard sometimes because I want to spend most of the time with RR. If I was with him all the time, I would not know how I would react since it has not happened yet. I watched two hours of Murder, She Wrote, all reruns these days since that program has been put in syndication in the late 1990’s and decided to shut the “boob tube” off for a whilel since it has been on all morning long. The silence is fantastic. I hear common tenant noises once in a while, Emilee’s collar and bell and ID tags jingling. and the on and off air conditioner now and then. Also, I hear traffif go by down on the street. The AC just kicked back in. LOL

Have I written enough yet? LOL

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