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That Green-eyed Monster

That is the truth…the green-eyed monster is a big problem right now. Right now I am a little niffed at my bf. Honestly he is jealous about things. He had caused my friend JW, who has down syndrome, to be afraid of my bf because of the time that JW held my hand to comfort me. I was upset earlier indeed and I did react a little strongly about the whole matter, but my boyfriend does need to grow up. He is insecure about many things and I may be insecure but have improved in that field a little at a time. Was I ever niffed earlier and I am definitely having time to myself most of the day without Rick. We will see each other tonight during Bible study. As a matter of fact, Pastor S. is going to be picking me up and Rick to go to Bible study/Prayer meeting anyway. I am wondering if being friends right now would be the answer because of many things but I have to pray about that before I judge too quickly. Hmmm?

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2 thoughts on “What Can I Say Right Now”

  1. The only advice I can give you is, if it’s right for you to break up with him do so. On the other hand if the two of you can work it out go for it.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    I would talk to him about it first and why hes acting like such a child. Just wait to see if he may get better but its best to just be friends before he gets to jealous and becomes possessive of you. Good luck!


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