Remembering What Happened on 9/11

Today is a day for many to remember…good and bad. The good part is the people who did not lose their loved ones in the tragic event and the bad part is the people who did lose loved ones in the tragic event. My heart is doing flip flops today because it is 9/11 and I remember exactly what I was doing that day when the two planes crashed into the twin towers in NY. My heart is saddened because now it is a memory planted on many minds and not everyone wants to be reminded of the tragic events that happened on this day two years ago. Is it two years already? WOW! I can not believe it. I want to forget but I can’t. Memorials are going on. A friend’s mother’s birthday is today and now since the tragic event happened, my friend’s mom does not want to celebrate her birthday. I understand this since it was a very sad thing that happened two years ago. I remember the tragic event and I remember what I was doing that day and I am very sorry for the loss of loved ones, but not everyone wants to remember such a day as this. What has this world coming to? I understand about the war and why it took place even though I do not totally agree with the war that now over. There are some real bad people out there and that is because of control and the wants to rule. I am not that type of person. We are free at this time but for how long?

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