I Can Tell It’s Friday

I am at school…waiting for time to pass. My anxiety is playing games with me today and it is driving me bananas. I am at school and that is the important thing I know. I should be writing in my school journal now but it is one of those entries that could be in either or both and I chose my personal readable diary to write today. I will write in my school journal later…when I get home from working out.

I woke up this morning a few minutes before my alarm sounded and that was not strange but the strangest thing did happen. I did not remember what day it was for a few seconds so I must have been in the dream stage when I barely woke up. I got up immediately after the alarm did sound and I called my friend KAW and her husband. We talked for a while while I was trying to get dressed but getting dressed and talking on the phone can be hard sometimes when you are barely awake inside and going so slow. LOL

When I left for the bus, an ambulance and fire truck stopped for some reason at our apartment complex. I hope my friends in the building are okay and I hope whoever called the ambulance is okay as well. I know I do not talk to many people in the building now but I still do not want anything bad to happen to a neighbor or tenant there. I am not cold hearted like some people there.


When I had gotten home from school…with Rick…I had a call from one of my neighbors who asked me if I was mad at her. No, I am not mad at her but disappointed with the choice of “friends” she has and I have to find the right time to tell her this. She is not going to like the words being spelled out but I can not help that. I will never be mean to this neighbor…I just do not like her choice in “friends” and I will not tolerate the gossip that flies around that building about anyone – even those people I do not like very much. It can be a very cruel world out there sometimes and I like the idea of staying in my own home with the door locked with or without my manfriend Rick. I have my own life. Believe me…it does not include the gossips in the building I live in. Being kind to them is fine when “they” say hello but that’s it! No more after that!!

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