I know I have not written a lot this month but school has taken most of my time away from my computer at home. I use a computer for one of my classes at school for two and a half hours so by the time I get home, forget it, I am not wanting to get on my own computer. I spend a lot of time on the computer at school it seems. I do a lot of my typing of homework and reports at school. I would do it at home but my studying does not get done well with Emilee laying on my work…LOL but it does get done some how some way. Even my television is hardly on during the week and if it is…it is on during the time I am eating or resting up from my day. I find that doing my school work Saturday evening really helps so I can have Sundays available to be on my computer writing or surfing most of the day and have my Bible study in the afternoon. With Rick working at night now, it is nice to see him during the evening before he goes to work even if he walks from place to place to get from place to place. Usually, I would like to do my laundry on Sundays now more so and go workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I do not like to go to bed thinking about homework constantly unless it is finished and done for the next class period. I am done doing homework this weekend now…yes!

I feel strange and yet I feel good about having my time at school studying and going to classes but I sure do miss writing in my journal here on a daily basis. As a fun thinng to do for Written Communications, I am going to write a little more during the day even if I have to FIND the time to write in my journal on a regular basis. Once again my journal is going to change and what is … more so the words than the look of my journal. Since AO did my journal here, I am going to keep the look a little longer…through the Fall season and change it in the winter season somehow. Fall is definitely on its way now. Thank goodness.

The weather has been very rainy and cloudy since yesterday afternoon. YUCK! It has done very little to my good mood. I have been a little off mood wise and it is driving me bananas again. I am so glad I have school to look forward to even though the homework seems like a lot right now. I am happy yet filled with anxieties off and on during this trying time. I am so glad I have God in my life as well as friends who really care.

It is Saturday night after 10 p.m. and I can not believe how wound up I am right this moment. Accounting I is getting interesting and fun, and something I definitely like to do. That is why I am spending so much time getting Accounting I understood and figured out. School may be a lot of work for me but it is worth the time and expense. I am working on paying my financial aid back by doing well in school by getting good grades. So please do not feel upset that I do not take the time right now to read and comment all my favorite diaries but do understand that you are all thought of and cared about deeply and will comment to the entries I find so very important. School is taking a lot of my time right now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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