It is Time To Wake Up Now!

I do have to admit that I am kind of tired right now. It’s raining and it has been raining all weekend long and it is getting kind of depressing. I wish I was elsewhere right now! It is time for me to wake up and smell the coffee even though I do not drink coffee. I was hoping to have Bible study today but I am not in the mood and I am surely not feeling like having too much company today. I did have my grieving counselor here today. Anyway, having Rick call the pastor for me, the pastor wanted to cancel today and go for next Sunday which was fine with me. I am not in the mood to have Rick come over. This weather is driving me down right now. Since I have my homework done for my classes tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I took the time to read my favorite diaries here at Dear Diary and I was greatly impressed by the upbeat and the feeling expressed. I feel good reading my favorite journals now and again. There were a couple today, not on my favorite list, that I did not need to click and read but did anyway. How could someone come up with some things I do not know. Tnere are some real strange people out there and the internet has many.

I am still thinking about the two deaths Friday. Johnny Cash and John Ritter. I expected Johnny Cash not to live much longer at the rate his health was going, but for John Ritter? I was shocked and when I saw the news report regarding John Ritter’s death, I wanted to cry but because break was over for Accounting 1 I held it in. My heart aches when I see news regarding John Ritter. I watched Three’s Company this morning for a few minutes but I felt like I was watching a ghost not the John Ritter who played Jack Tripper. It is nice to have memories captured on film isn’t it? I have been taking death all around me lately even if it does not affect me personally and it is kind of dragging me and I am still clinging onto something very tightly.

I am not feeling so hot emotionally today. I just want to cry and hide and get away from reality for a while.

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