A New Change Now in the Works …

I have decided, from now on, if I have any entries too write in my journal, I will be continuing from my first entry instead of adding a new subject every entry so if any entries are longer, they will be more manageable and readable.

Finding Time to Write

For the past several weeks my writing has been cut way down because of school and homework. I am not complaining but I have not been on my own computer at home as often either because of homework. I would write more, but I do not even have the time. I do not stay up late on school nights and I do not really stay up late on weekends either since my Saturday’s are pretty busy with church and schoolwork after sundown. I have been falling asleep after 11 p.m. every night with the television on and waking up with nightmares or bad dreams, or running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Last night, which is Friday, I slept real good all night long, so I feel refreshed for the day. I was doing my homework, at sundown, for accounting and realized I have made a mistake in one of my adjusting entries so I am going to figure it out tomorrow before going on to the next assignment problem 4-4. I am getting ready for test #3 for Accounting which is this Wednesday. That is why I have had very few entries written since school began.

Somewhat of a Vent Possibly

I need a break from my boyfriend every now and then. Sometimes I wonder if he has a tight leash on me because I am so independent and he’s dependent on me. I do not mind seeing him throughout the week and have him help me with my school work and studies, but I see him so much throughout the entire week and weekend. Today I took a break from him and got some respite from him and everything. Even Emilee Cuddles, now sittingi next to me on my computer desk was not seen throughout the day until after 6 p.m.. She is not even begging for attention. She is being so loving right now.

I do not know what is going on with me right now with my sleeping pattern being off. It scares me some. Even my moods are on edge now and then with my friends. I will be going to see my counselor on Monday after school so I will get to the bottom of it.

Those lady bugs are coming into my apartment through the air conditioner. I have gotten bit by a couple of them in the past three weeks. They will not leave me alone. How many of them have I killed? SEVERAL! RIck thinks I act a little weird because they are flying around my apartment and driving me crazy. And that is not all that he thinks I am acting weird about.

The paperboy is even acting like a childish brat and is driving many customers crazy. I do not know now how many times I have complained but I know I am not the only one regarding his attitude and delivery of the paper. The kid is driving me crazy! That is the other thing RIck thinks I am acting weird about because of how the paper boy delivers and acts… To be very honest with you, I have noticed that Rick’s behavior needs repair too and he needs to grow up if he is dependent on me so much. Why did I jump to this? I am going off track. LOL, wnat is new? Nothing really…:)

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