October 20, 2003

I could have had a better day today. I could have a better night last night really. I feel tired and so emotional right now. Satan has really ben working on me and my friends for some reason. I can tell you one thing…I have been fearful of things I should not be fearing. Honestly, this month has Halloween and I really do not care about it. I have been having nightmares a lot lately since this summer and I see a lot of monsters and evil around me that is just driving me crazy. I see decorations at school everywhere I go and some of it is weird stuff.

What Am I Afraid Of?

Get ready to hear this…

I am afraid of my accounting instructor!

A Decision Has Been Made

I will not drop out of Accounting 1 at this time and I do not think, at this time, I will drop out before the semester is over. I am going to win this fight and defeat the problems I bave been dealing with.

About ksmiley

I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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