I thought, before Rick even came over, I would write in my journal quickly. Had a bath and washed my hair. It felt good to soak until the water became lukewarm. It is chilly outdoors but not cold cold yet. I live on the third floor and so the heat rises. In fact, ifi I have my windows shut, I have to turn the air conditioner on to get cool in here. Emilee has been seen very little today but when she wants, she does let me know that she is fine. What a very independent cat she is. As a matter of fact, she just made her presence known in front of me by the computer here, lol. Rick will be here shortly and I have my reservations about him being here today – even today. I got a call from my Nellie Mom a little bit ago regarding her nephew who is in the hospital having a spinal tap done because there is a possibility he has mengitis. OUCH! I can tell you…this weekend is definitely goofy and strange. I called my friend KAW and woke her up! I hate that when I do that. I tried to tell her about the little boy…Nellie Mom’s nephew and the possibility of him having spinal mengitis. Rick will be here shortly…yet I do not know what time, lol. I did say 2 p.m., but he might be late. LOL I am going to sign off for the time being and get back to writiing later.

6:33 p.m.

I am back to writing in my journal now. Rick left for home to take a nap before work about 5:30 p.m.. He was FALLING ASLEEP ON MY FUTON! I made him go home to take a nap so he would be fresh for another work day. Anyway, I was ready for company to go for the night. I did not see Emilee very much today and she has been hiding a lot, lol I will be getting back to writing later…

8:23 p.m.

I am having one of those nights…company is gone, the lights are off and my computer is up and running, and the tv is on behind me. I am tired but I cannot sleep right now. If I do, I will not sleep through the night. Rick is home … never called me to let me know he got home safely. I wonder if he is sulking because I sent him home to take a nap before he went to work in the morning. I wonder if I made him mad. hmmm?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to 10/26/03

  1. Britani18 says:

    It’s good that you spent the evening with Rick. It seems as if things are getting better between you two.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    I hate that when I am wide awake but I feel sleepy but if I try to sleep I will never get to sleep. I also hate it when someone is over and you are planned to spend time together and they just fall asleep, it irritates me. Men are such babies, he needs to grow up and quit sulking and being mad. You just care and he can sleep at home, if he was too tired to do anything he shouldn’t have come over.

    Anyway enough of my nagging.

    I love cats, they are so mysterious and wonderful creatures.


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