I Need To Do This!

Ok, I know that I suffer from anxieties and depression quite a bit throughout the year, but suffering from depression really does stink quite a bit. I feel weird and not myself entirely when it gets cloudy, yucky, rainy, and the sun does not even shine. My moods shift from one moment to the next, and it is really really a pain in the hind end. I do not know what to think. It sometimes scares me when I get so moody and want to hide away from the entire world for a long long time or until the sunshine comes out again. It rained from Friday to yesterday and boy … moods were horrible! I am going to see my doctor who prescribes my meds about being put on something else that will help. Even my Accounting Spreadsheets instructor suggested a certain light for me and I am going to check it out! This light she is talking about is a natural light. Hmmm?

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