FIRST of all I have just realized how quickly Christmas is coming. It is kind of scary and yet wonderful at the same time. With all that is going on right now, boredom has settled in somewhat because school is done for the holiday and will return back to work on January 12. Boredom has settled in now because yesterday I was on my computer on line for half the day and I was just having a ball with the idea of sleeping in. Even today, with only company for two hours this morning, that was the only time my day was not boring or seemed boring. I could go to bed right now…lol I am kind of tired.

With yesterday getting things squared away at my credit union and the infected file coming and being deleted from my computer, even today seemed to have a big wedge in it when the newspaper carrier’s district manager called in regards to me having my paper stolen by another tenant. Now, the paper carrier does a fantastic job and I was not making a complaint against the carrier although the paper did say so in their records. Sometimes I have learned that happiness becomes unhappiness very quickly.

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