With this entry not being titled, I thought it wouldl be best not to title this entry since there is so much I want to write this moment. I have been up since 5:45 a.m. this morning and could not get to back to sleep. I ended up sleeping on the couch, with the window open most of the night because a neighbor ended up burning potatoes while making her dinner, and the fire alarm went off, and we had to evacuate our apartments last night. The smoke somehow seeped into my apartment as well somehow other than through the openings of the closed apartment door. My eyes burned for a while … ouch! My bedroom, for some reason, seemed smoky and darkened with something other than the darkness of the night. I could smell a strong sense of smoke in my bedroom for some reason. It was probably because while leaving my apartment, I walked in smoke to get to the first floor where it was safe and a place to wait until it was ok to go back to our apartments. Strangely enough, Emilee went with me in her house and during a fire or smoke situation, we are to leave our pets in the apartment and let a fireman know that we have a pet. For some reason, not thinking straight, I just grabbed Emilee’s house/carrier and she willingly went into it to be taken to a safe place. She was very brave and I was pretty surprised because she usually runs and hides from the loud sound of the fire alarm which is just a few feet from my apartment door. I found sitting on the back of the recliner just calm as can be. In fact, for a while, I did not know what was going on, and I should have left my apartment on the sound and if it was a false alarm, I would just have gone back to the apartment feeling silly as always. Anyway, this place has not burned down yet! GOOD!

Yesterday afternoon, Rick came over and helped me take care of some cleaning. My bedroom was picked up and arranged somewhat. ALL of my clothes were folded and put in a pile. I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL MY CLOTHES AND GET RID OF SOME OF THEM AGAIN! Thrift stores and the Goodwill will be getting a lot of clothes in 2004 from me. Now…I just have to…get the energy and want to go through my clothes…LOL Rick will be a big help. He won’t let me forget or let all those clothes lay there! what a man!

It is going on 8 a.m. and I feel so lazy right now. After being sick this weekend, I surely felt weak for a while. I did not know what to think. I was so afraid, with the bout of flu I had, I did not know if it had something to do with my kidney. I checked my blood pressure this morning and found it normal and just fine so that relieved my worries there at this time. I want to stay in my pajamas all day long and not take a bath or shower today for some reason. I just want to stay home all day long and forget everyone on the outside of this place, and forget a select few people inside this building.

After last night’s smoke situation, one of my neighbors seemed to be kind of weird and grumpy. Again this one neighbor is someone no one here really wants to deal with unless they have to, unless this neighbor has a friend or two. This neighbor is nothing but a troublemaker anyway. What a person, huh? I still wish that people could just get along with everyone and be happy, but I knoow that my wish is just a dream not to come true here.

Here I am, with no children of the human kind here, listening to a show called The wiggles! LOL Silly me! 🙂

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