Today, after getting home from church, I decided to get into something more comfortable outside my church-going clothes, and doing some Bible study and reading. It was quiet during that time. In the afternoon I decided to make smething for lunch, a quick fix, and watch an uplifting movie called Picture Perfect, I remember seeing it before on television some time back but I got the movie on VHS just recently, I am a member of a club called Feature Film For Families, and I have six of their sponsored films now. During the movie, I ended up taking a short nap, waking up to the last bit of the movie. It was fantastic. With the weather changing direction from fairly nice to not so nice and cold, I had spent the afternoon at home enjoying my time with God. The movie ended at the time Sabbath closed and new week has begun.


I really do not have a lot to say this evening which is going on 9 p.m. Wisconsin time. While I was resting during Sabbath hours, Rick had called wondering what I was doing. Sometimes he calls at a “not so good time” and just want to have time for myself. I had shut the phone off during the rest of the Sabbath hours after that one call. Even after Sabbath hours, Rick called again and I answered…and he thinks I am always sleeping! That has to stop and stop now! That question is getting old and very annoying really. For some reason I feel like, and have done actually, snapped at my friend Kellyan who called when she returned home from her friend’s house this afternoon. Must be that time coming to where emotions and hormones are going to rage AGAIN! ICKY!

LOL I guess I had more to say than I really expected. At least this entry is not too short or very long. I think, now with the clock behind me chiming 9 p.m., I am going to sign off for the evening and night and come back tomorrow. I have had enough internet for one night. I think, starting tomorrow, I am going to tally how long I spend my free time on line to see where my time can be managed better. School resumes on Monday, January 12, 2004, a week from Monday, and I will be doing a lot of studying and other activities that DO NOT consider related to school activities normally. I have to run now. Good night everyone!

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