Every Now and Then…

It is not every Friday night, during Sabbath hours, do I write in my journal here but at my journal Sabbathkeeper. Tonight is one of those nights that I felt was a need to write here before retiring to bed, which sounds really inviting right about now, lol.

I would like to write a quick thank you to those who commented at my journal recently regarding my job no longer being there. I was greatly disappointed at first but then realized that I have limitations due to physical disability that is called CP and that not everyone understands it. My boyfriend’s boss is not prejudiced or racist, which I do find very comforting. Working at Daylight Donuts would have been a mistake later on since my boyfriend does work there and our relationship is getting stronger and manageable. I need to concentrate on school right now and do well and pass my three classes I am taking this semester. I am not made for a fast paced world all the time. I am now fine with the idea of not working at Daylight Donuts. This coming Wednesday I will be getting my first and last paycheck for working at the shop last Sunday. Thanks gang! Good night and God bless. I am off to bed now…I think, lol.

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  1. Since you read my diary you know that my oldest son has CP so I do know and understand the limitations. I’m glad you are so optimistic about loosing your job. Not too many people would be.

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