How Do I Feel Right Now?

Like someone stabbed right in the back. My boyfriend said something to me that I found very unwise of him to say but yet I am kind of upset. I have not spoken to him since he talked to me from Kelly’s house after trying to get the DVD player to work for her. I am slightly hurt but yet getting over what happened rather quickly. Rick made a stupid move mentioning an ex-girlfriend’s name and telling me what she did over the weekend – today – and telling me about it. Then he has the decency to call me after 9 p.m. to ask me if I was mad at him. At the time he called, I was mad at him, but I was not going to pick up the phone when he called. I did not know what to say to him then and I still do not know what to say to him. I was hot earlier indeed. His ex-girlfriend is nothing but a little stinker who does everything to get her little way and she is not going to be winning on my shift here whatsoever. How this came about is the fact the his ex-girlfriend saw us at the mall with two other friends while she was there. I hate this triangle game!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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