Runniing Across Other Entries Tonight

I really do not care what font I use at this time mainly because it is late and I want to write a short entry before retiring for the night. I do not have school tomorrow so I am going to be home all day tomorrow doing some studying and getting ready for another school week starting Tuesday since tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I did not want to have company today whatsoever except for the fact that my Nellie Mom dropped the paper off after reading it this morning. I just wanted to have the entire day to myself and forget about other things for a while. Right now, with my phone off the hook since 9 p.m. this evening, I shut the phone off for the night so I can peace and quiet tonight. I have taken the liberty to look at some entries, finding that some of them have not been written in since 2000 but I read the entries that were there. I ran into an entry I found somewhat appalling and something else because a girl was talking about sex. I have this thing about sex before marriage and such and this girl was fantasizing about having sex on her boss’s desk. I was totally amazed that the entry and yet I finished reading it to the end. I wanted to throw up and laugh at the idea that such things like that is written, but I had said earlier sometime back that everyone has the right to write whatever they want in their journals. Not everyone likes what I write about in my mind sometimes too. I just will not visit this girl’s diary anymore. that’s all.

Anyway, being still a little hot about my boyfriend’s happenings today, I was a little hot about his ex-girlfriend’s name so I looked up entries that had her name in them even though she has not written here…at least I do not think so.

Okay, I have written A LOT today so off I go to bed for the night.

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  1. Some people write sick things. I read some guy’s about how he’s a sex slave, he’s 50 or something. Disgusting. So many people are having affairs and sleeping with 5 different people. So wrong!

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