Rick Is Such A Jerk!!!

My feelings for Rick were true and genuine but when I felt that he was being manipulative and being a jerk to me and my friends, I knew that our relationship could not go any further. Some of the things he was doing was definitely questionable and problematic. He seemed jealous of the fact that I was spending time with my friends and going to school. The other day, being a jerk as he was, began IMing a friend of mine saying that this friend was stupid being my friend and that I did forwarn him about breaking it off with him and did not do it face to face. I was thinking, while his behavior was not normal behavior, that I knew that facing him about it would not have been a good idea. On Saturday he had stopped by at another friend’s place and told her, along with doing business with her, that someone at church told him that I was planning on breaking it off with Rick a long time ago. Along with IMing this one other friend, he also told her that I would not hold hands or kiss him. The thought of kissing Rick practically gagged me for some reason. If Rick really loved me, he would not have allowed one of his ex-girlfriends be in the picture entirely when the stories of this ex-girlfriend, were wild and crazy. Rick telling me that this girl e-mailed him a couple of weekends ago, I finally had it and began thinking of breaking it off with him then. If that kind of person, Rick was, I will not date for A LONG TIME!

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  1. BigGuns140 says:

    Im sure you’ll find someone even better than Rick. I know it is to have a guy you care about have another girl behind the scenes.

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