I Am Such a Crab!

When I have my period I get kind of crabby and snap happy. Today, so far, I have snapped at my best friend Kelly without even noticing it but Kelly told me. Her husband Jimmy called me and told me that I was crabby and needed to be nice to his wife. I hate it when I am crabby because it just ruins my day along with other people I am around most of the time. I am sick and tired of being so emotional and tired of my emotions going out of whack. I hate having my periods but I am glad I get them on a regular basis. This month, as bad as it sounds, the flow is fairly heavy and uncomfortable. I am cramping up so bad but I am still at school and going to classes even though I feel like going home and sleeping all day long. I also have a meeting this afternoon with someone here at school and then home I go to do laundry and study for my Sociology test tomorrow morning.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Such a Crab!”

  1. i hate it too when I get all wacked out just because of it. Its better than it used to be, and my mood as well. I think all this exercising and vitamins and eating better helped a lot over the past year.

  2. Periods are a pain. I’m like you when I have mine crabby and grumpy. But I also cramp up and it hurts, but we all have to go throught it because we’re women. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Good luck on your test.


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