Poor Losers, Idiotic Men, and My Busy Day & More Thoughts

Poor Losers

I was playing gin a little while ago when I had played two hands with another woman when after two games and winning, I was booted off the table in a flash. When I see that happening, after I have won a couple of games, I feel that the other game player is a poor loser and can not even fathom the idea of losing points or rating.

Anyway, when it comes to me playing gin, I love to play for fun not competition. My rating is in the 1400s and it has reached a low rate as low as in the 1200s or even the 1100s. Those gin players who are competitors more so seem to be high on their ratings than having fun playing and willing to lose points or watch their ratings go down. I personally wish that Yahoo games would have special places for competitors and those who play for fun instead of combining the two together and having those players have a headache about their ratings or wants to play with lower ratings then them.

I have been booted off tables before a game even begins and worse yet, I have sat at a table for so many minutes getting the message that my opponent does not want to play a game or two with me because of my rating or ID. Some people are so nasty at times and I love playing gin and so it bugs me to nothingness about other players actions of handing some things.


Idiotic Men

Just yesterday I had talked to a friend who I call Papa Mick and his wife Mama Char, or when I refer to both of them I saw Mama and Papa Burrington. When I had learned that my now ex-boyfriend did not attend church Saturday morning, he told his ride he did not feel like going, and I had learned from Papa Mick that afternoon. Not knowing, until I had spoken to Papa Mick about my feelings about the Janesville congregation, I had been informed that the member of the Milton Church who did not want to hear my story in regards to my relationship but heard Rick’s side of the story was told of my story by Papa Mick. As it turned out, after hearing this, I had learned that the member of the church understood and let it go at that. I did not find idiotic of Papa Mick to have said anything but I have found this church member, a man, idiotic because of way of handling the situation between us was not Christian like whatsoever. Idiotic men!


My Busy Day

There was no class today so I am at home right now but it has been fairly busy and I will be busy after 3:15 p.m. this afternoon away from home. A neighbor, dealing with stages of Alzheimer’s Disease now, has had trouble with the fact that could not use her stove or oven right now because the management unplugged her stove so she would not use it after having three bouts of burning something by forgetting about it. I have, a good neighbor who really likes this neighbor, have been heating water in my microwave for this neighbor’s coffee. I had learned, by a police officer that was going on and he wanted to know if I would be willing to help my neighbor out. So, without reluctance of any kind, have a committment to the neighbor until March when she will be moving to a nursing home for her illness and to live the rest of her days. SO I already, before I began writing in my journal here, heated water for my neighbor for her coffee.

But that does not end there. I am going to be with my special friend Jimmy Wilson, who has down syndrome and is married to my best friend Kellyan Wilson. Kelly had class this afternoon and that would leave Jimmy alone for about an hour after he gets home from work. I will be staying at Kelly and Jimmy’s for a while before returning home for the evening to where I will be getting ready for my school day tomorrow and Wednesday. It does not seem possible that I have only two days of classes this week! WOW!


The world outdoors is SO BEAUTIFUL today. It got warm in my apartment earlier that I literally opened my window and it has been open since this morning before noon. I can not believe, for a wintery day, how warm it is. It feels like spring today outdoors. The sun is even shining and giving off a light that keeps me going and wanting to do more things in my day instead of sleep. I do not feel tired now like I usually do after I get home from school if I went to school today. Being in a mood swing really drives me bananas anyway.

I think I am going to sign off for now and try to come back later, so I can read for a while before I go. I have been reading the book Roots by Alex Haley for myself since I am in Sociology, and since it has 120 chapters in this large book, I am a wee behind in my reading to keep up with it by the time I have to return it to the library. This entry is fairly long already and I do not know if I will write a whole lot later when I get home. I know I will be tired and ready for my bed by the time I get home anyway. Good bye for now.

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