A Long Day

Earlier today I said that I was having a fairly good day. Well…now with my day done and it is about bed time, and I did have a very good day. I went to school this morning, went to Psychology with Kelly, came home, read Roots by Alex Haley, left for my appointment about an hour after I got home from school, got together with my friend Janessa for supper and grocery shopping, came home from being Janessa, washed my hair and got ready to go to church to prayer meeting and choir practice (planning on joining choir at church), and then came home and got into my pajamas and put leftover groceries away from shopping earlier. I believe I saw more of the world outside my apartment today than any other day I have so far this week. I am not going to be home, unless plans change by morning, tomorrow afternoon for a bit. Kelly wants to come over to visit and study for a test for Psychology which is Monday. I also thought that I would be too tired to get on line when I got home, but I had to update my antivirus program and Zone Alarm Pro before morning so I would feel safe in regards of being protected by viruses since jerks are out there constantly trying to ruin an innocent person’s computer these days.

I have to tell something funny before retiring for the night. When Janessa and I went grocery shopping for ourselves, I had found some Green Pepper Sauce by Emeril and bought it tonight. I am into hot sauce and jalepeno sauce these days, lol. Well, the funny part is this…when Rick and I were still dating, I have asked very kindly for him to pick up some green hot sauce for me but every time he went shopping for me, he came to my place without it. I was fumming inside and called Rick and S.O.B. I was not thrilled at all when such an item was in front of his face. I wondered, at the time of finding the green sauce, if Rick lied to me or was looking for the specific jalepeno sauce I got the first time. I was kind of disgusted and wished that Rick would pay close attention to things more, but now that Rick and I are broke up, I feel it is not my responsibility anymore and anyway was never my responsibility. When I began to say that Son of B****, I realized that was definitely beginning to swear because I was not happy with how Rick turned out in the long run. That is kind of funny even though I was not acting like a Christian saying such words as S.O.B. I do admit that I was in the wrong for sure. I am not happy with myself.

Now with my day done and bed real close, I am glad that I had such a good day. I can now go to bed with a good conscience and sleep well. I am tired and I have every reason to be tired since I was out and about all day long. What a beautiful DAY! I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like. Is it going to be warm and nice? I will have to wait and see. Good night everyone! Bye for now.


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