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I have had some fear regarding my past relationship that just ended several weeks ago in January. Yesterday I had expressed my fear of something that was nagging at my heart all day long. Well today a friend had told me that she had seen my ex-boyfriend go past the apartment complex while she was waiting for the bus. At the same time, my ex ecknowledged her and said hello as he walked swiftly by her while going to the bus stop. I was a little unsure of my emotions at the time knowing that the love for Rick is no longer there anymore because I felt I was very hurt and uncomfortable staying in the relationship any longer. Today, I had an appointment with my counselor in the early afternoon and then I would go work out at the athletic club for a while and take the bus home at 4 p.m.. After the workout, I went to the bus station to catch the next bus for home when a few minutes later when I saw Rick come near me. I did not want to really run into him at all but it happened. We talked for a bit and then we parted, going on different buses. I was going home from an appointment and working out while he was going to work at the Janesville Mall. He has been the Easter Bunny at the Mall! LOL

Before Rick and I met unexpectedly at the bus station, there four girls between the ages of 10 – 13 years old who came out of the bathroom at the bus station. As I looked at one of the girls, I was appalled by what she was wearing. She was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt/tank top with an open front where her breasts were showing at the cleavage. SHE WAS NOT WEARING A BRA! and she had breasts showing at the cleavage. When Rick and I bumped into each other at the bus station after that, seeing him was a better experience than the girl. i personally think the girl knew I was not happy with her outfit because I watched her as she continued to walk past me and she looked back at me and saw my face with a distaste and disatisfaction that a young girl would wear something like that. Ideas went through my mind after seeing that girl. I wanted to call my Nellie Mom on my cell phone that second and tell her what I had just experienced not knowing if the girl’s parents even know of how their daughter dressed or even cared for their daughter at all. So many people are so in the world and the fads and problems that arise. Good grief!

Regarding my day…I had a very very good day even with those two unexpeected experiences. School went well and the day was beautiful, When I had gotten up this morning I did not want to go to sch9ol today because of it’s beautiful day but once I got there and got to studyng and helping my friend KW, school was not at all bad after all. When school ended for me, I was glad to be out of there and doing my errands and everything that came along with my day. I had a very very good day all day long. Even working out felt pretty good. with my cerebral palsy being on my right side, I even felt the muscle I have left twinge a pang that was not at all uncomfortable. The pang I felt really felt good for a change. I skiied for 10 minutes and biked for another 10 minutes, and walked around a bit to loosen up more. It was a beautiful day all day long!

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