My World This Weekend

I thought, honestly enough that I would not have any plans made for tomorrow, but it turns out I do and I am actually excited about having Easter with some church friends. I am NOT going to be alone Easter Sunday! YEAH! I am NOT going to be alone for Easter Sunday. I can write that a million times until I can not type anymore tonight. TWICE IS ENOUGH! LOL

Today was a very very good day. I was planning on coming home after church and resting but instead I went with my friend who goes to church with me to a church family’s for lunch/potluck. I left for church at 9:40 a.m. and did not return home until 4 p.m. this afternoon when Sabbath hours were still at play. I had a very very good day with my church friends. I was even planning on resting tomorrow and taking it easy, but after awhile I knew that I would be sleeping all day long and feeling low because all of the people around me would be with their families for the Easter Holiday and that would be totally depressing and anxieties would fill my mind for a few days of unsureties, that is for sure. When I got home from being gone all morning, I decided to change into my pajamas for the rest of the night and close up shop from company the entire night. This is my time and when Emilee wants attention, she will get it.

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