Easter Well Spent

Today, being the celebration of Christ’s ressurrection to us grown ups and a joyous time for the kids to hunt for hidden Easter eggs filled with candy, my Easter day was fantastic and very nice. The weather may have been chilly but somewhat sunny, I was not going to allow a cloudy day ruin my day and hopes of having a good time with friends and their families. I was going to have FUN!

At GJ’s house there were a lot of kids, food, chatter and conversation, card games, and excitement. There was absolutely no time to blue and feeling out of place or different from everyone else. Again, there was a good time for everything.

I did not get home from my Easter afternoon until 7 p.m.. I feel tired and I am ready for bed. I was gone since 12:30 p.m. and spent six and a half hours away from home – all afternoon away from home and my cat Emilee. Anyway there was a dog and a cat to love at GJ’s house as my ride brought her dog George to romp and play in the country with the kids who were all going to be there for the Easter festivities.


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