2 thoughts on “Have to Say Good night”

  1. I like the new look of your diary! Very springy and cheerful. I love the roses…

    Even though you were conflicted about going to school or staying home it worked out in the end since the teacher didn’t show up anyway.

    Hopefully you can sort things out leaving you happy and content. Hugs, Maggie 🙂

  2. *~Kristie~*

    Glad you are fighting yourself inside your head. I have been doing that the past week and its terrible. I am fighting everything inside of me that I should be fighting and winning, but its only started a war inside my head.

    I’ve been very back and forth lately and I just cant side with anything. I am trying to let some things go and then the things I need to fight I am fighting for a good reason. I need to get over what’s bothering me and let the better half win. I know how you feel, I’m doing the same thing.

    The weather is changing. You can definitly feel summer and the weather and the world shifting with it. Its beautiful, just beautiful!

    I’m glad you broke it off when you did. Its horrible when someone like that is in your life affecting everything around you and not it a good way. Jason was like that and I am very lucky and happy we broke it off when we did because he was destroying my life, my schooling, everything. It was horrible. I finally have my life back on track.

    Hope your weekend goes well!


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