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I would like to thank the two people who left comments on May 20. 2004. I appreciate them both. The idea of moving right now is not going to happen right now. I have no place to go and if I do go to another subsidized apartment complex, it will be the same there as here. I do not want to upset the apple cart of feeling safe most of the time and the fact that the only place that would make me feel comfortable with no people around is having my own place, my own house, but that is far from the truth right now — only a dream that will only stay a dream right now. BUt I will not discontinue my praying in finding a nice place to live that is better from here. Praying is one thing no matter how long it takes. For now I am going to stay here.

I am a kind-hearted soul who gets cruelty from others a lot and I need to be stronger and let things roll off my back more, but the soft heart I have seems to melt every single time. Yes, I am a soft-hearted person and I have a feeling that will never change. I grew up during a time where I had to respect my elders and even during teenage years, I respected my elders and family members by still loving them no matter what they did. I may have been born in 70’s (7/3/70) which was 33 1/2 years ago, but I can tell you this – most of the kids I meet today do not have respect for their elders anymore unless their parents teach them how to be respectful.

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