Happenings on 5/28

I got together with my friend Kelly and Jimmy. In fact, I left my apartment about 7:40 a.m. to get to Kelly’s by 8:20 a.m. so we could have lunch and go shopping at the Mall, Shopko, and Wal-Mart for the day before Sabbath began. Kelly had planned for me to spend the night so I did with happiness. Kelly and I had lunch at Chunatown Buffet, which is a Chinese restaurant with a friend of ours and then departed ways with her after lunch at the mall. After the mall, we went to Shopko, and Wal-Mart. By that time, which was a little before 5 p.m.. our feet and legs were hurting. When we got to Kelly and Jimmy’s apartment complex, her husband Jimmy and our friend Chad were leaving to go somewhere, but we stopped and asked Jimmy if he wanted to stay with us so Chad went to the bank himself alone.

Kelly and I had a great time!

A little after nine o’clock that evening, we had a house full of company and even Janessa arrived home from work and came in to visit. We were visiting long when I accidentally snapped at Janessa and hurt her feelings very badly. We had our first fight ever in our friendship. Words were spoken that can not really express what happened because Janessa used foul language and said some things that were very hurtful to me. At 11 p.m., I did not feel very comfortable being in the same room when words were still flying about the apartment. I left the room and went into the bedroom – by then wanting to call another friend to come get me and take me home, but by a little after midnight the fight between Janessa and I was resolved and hugs were exchanged and kind words replaced the bad words that were spilled forth because of anger. Janessa and I had our friend Kelly for intervening and helping us out before we all retired to bed.

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  1. Britani18 says:

    Have a good weekend.


  2. I hope you get some rest and have a great weekend!

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