I am having a fairly good day today. It has been very quiet around here. I did hear an apartment door slam earlier today but it was nothing big really. Windows must be open, lol. My AC has been on for a while today.

My ex-roommate called and acted as if nothing happened between us. Ever since she has befriended one of the tenants here and really changed her attitude around me. I did not know why she called but I felt that I no longer needed or wanted her friendship or kindness after she befriended one of the cruelest tenants in this building in the past year. Only if she saw that she was being used by this tenant but she does not see that. I told my ex-roommate that I did not appreciate her calling me and told her not to call me anymore. I do not know if she will listn to me but she will soon learn that she better start listening to those around her or she will be stepping into a big hole and no one will help her anymore. my ex-roommate has caused a lot of grief for me lately and I am no longer going to be a part of it. She does not act like the person she once acted like. She is no longer a part of my life as of some time back really. Yes, I was steamed when she called! Her call was the only call that was not wanted really.

Anyway, my day has been good and quiet. I am not feeling so hot today because of my period but I am feeling fine emotionally. I have been dealing with a lot of flack these days from a lot of people and things and I need to live my life that is safest and I no longer feel safe with my ex-roommate in my life. She has to go and leave me alone. A lot of people need to leave me alone now and that is how I feel. I may not act like a Christian sometimes and this may be one of those times, but if I feel threatened or bothered by someonoe who is not a Christian, I have to walk away and be safe among my christian friends, right?

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