I Have To Say Good Night and God Bless

This being my last entry for the day, I feel I need to retire from writing until tomorrow. I have had one unproductive day today – quiet and a pajama party all day long. I personally hate days like that when I have nothing to do on any particular day. I did not attend church today because I had awakened with a headache and a sinus thing was going on in the morning. I slept a lot today, lol. And I want to retire to bed for the night in a while. What a world I live in sometimes – unproductive!! Oh well.

Yesterday I had downloaded and bought a program called Spam Pepper. The program helps the spam content coming in my primary e-mail address account. I have had it for two days now and have highly impressed with it and glad that I have it on my computer today. It has illiminated spam to a degree now I can control it and it can not control me. You can find the program at Spam Pepper and try it before you buy it. It is real nice and cool. I have been haopy for the past several hours knowing that I can control my e-mails now and not have spam controlling me everyday. You may want to take a look at that website if you have spam coming all the time. Believe me….you will be impressed too!

Well, I have to say good night now. See ya all tomorrow. YAWN!

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  1. Hi, Yes AVG is great! It sure seems to do the trick. I am very happy with it. It is so much better than Norton in my opinion. If I had downloaded it months ago I probably would not have had to buy a new computer recently because we’re pretty sure the viruses were what gave it the kiss of death!

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