I was hoping that my friend Kelly and I would go to the public library today but the heat and humidity really kept us in our homes since we talked about 10 a.m., a few minutes before I was going to leave for her place by bus but she insisted not to risk it because of the humidity. Anyway, I went out in the humidity to go get money back from spoiled yogurt and come back home. The humidity was just yucky feeling for only a couple of minutes. I do not feel comfortable going out in the heat unless I have to and believe me, I will not go out unless I have to in humid weather. I think it is going to be one hot summer again this year. Yuck! It was a good thing that Kelly and I did not risk going out to the library today as we will another day. Anyway, I have not had a library card for years from our public library, so I have to get a new one and use it since their borrowing system has changed ever so much since the last time I was there a few years ago. The only reason I went to the library once or twice in the past, several months ago, was because someone needed to meet someone there and I was with him when we left the school together. Now this person my neighbor was meeting is dead from something very sudden, there are not going to be anymore meetings with this person at the library. I have not, in reality, ever went to the library to check a book out to take home and read for years. The libary itself in structure was too fancy for my taste, for me to ever enter the building to check out a book because I was impressed with the fancy look and I could not look past the fancy look to find a book, but just recently I have decided to get over my arrogance and because of feelings that are related to wealth and non-wealth residents.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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